The digitalization of businesses and society will increase efficiency in terms of time and the use of natural resources. Technology companies and research institutes estimate the number of connected devices to reach many tens of billions by 2020. TalkPool enables the IoT ecosystem by offering professional services and solutions, comprising a comprehensive range of design, creation and realization of IoT solutions and products. TalkPool’s core competences include telecom-, radio- and security and has great geographical reach.



Talkpool’s mission is to service networks and enable solutions that allow people and things to communicate efficiently. To achieve this, Talkpool offers solutions in 3 areas.

Smart solutions

Since 2015 Talkpool has been active within Internet of Things (IoT) and developing smart solutions around this to help businesses and cities create valuable solutions around connected devices. Talkpool, together with its partners, offers complete turnkey solutions but is also open to long-term partnerships where new solutions are developed. The 5 smart solutions Talkpool currently offers can be found below:

Smart cities

Smart buildings

Smart industries

Smart operators

Smart power


Blockchain technology is transforming the world. It adds a whole new dimension to internet where all types of transaction can be automated, secure and distributed. Talkpool is building upon our expertise in telecom networks, Internet-of-Things and security to enable blockchain solutions.

Talkpool is a co-founder of Joorschain - A New Frontier in Digital Advertising. Joorschain is a decentralized blockchain solution for the Ad-tech industry that will revolutionize the inefficient status quo of digital advertising. Joorschain will facilitate all types of actors within the existing ecosystem and create a transparent way to buy and sell advertising spots while at the same time minimizing fraud.

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Network services

Since Talkpool was founded in the year 2000, managed telecommunications services have been the core competence of Talkpool. Over the years the company has built up valuable expertize and is now known as a very respected partner in this area.

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