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The digitalization of businesses and society will increase efficiency in terms of time and the use of natural resources. Technology companies and research institutes estimate the number of connected devices to reach many tens of billions by 2020. Talkpool enables the IoT ecosystem by offering professional services and solutions, comprising a comprehensive range of design, creation and realization of IoT solutions and products. Talkpool’s core competences include telecom, radio and security. Talkpool has great geographical reach, in Europe, Latin America, the Middle-East and Africa.


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PRESS RELEASE - Talkpool signs framework agreement with Atrium Ljungberg for smart buildings.

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In this video, Talkpool's CTO Stefan Lindgren presents about Talkpool's security solution and the integration with The Things Industries:

What we do

Talkpool’s mission is to service networks and enable solutions that allow people and things to communicate efficiently. To achieve this, Talkpool offers solutions in 3 areas.

Internet of Things

Since 2015 Talkpool has been active within Internet of Things (IoT) and developing smart solutions around this to help businesses and cities create valuable solutions around connected devices. Talkpool, together with its partners, offers complete turnkey solutions but is also open to long-term partnerships where new solutions are developed. The 5 smart solutions Talkpool currently offers can be found below:

Data Management

Talkpool has a skilled team of software specialists in place and offers various services that help companies to securely integrate, manage and analyze data.


Network services

Since Talkpool was founded in the year 2000, managed telecommunications services have been the core competence of Talkpool. Over the years the company has built up valuable expertize and is now known as a very respected partner in this area.


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Peter Lageson CEO of SenseAir

Intelligence of things require senses to make a decision. Air quality sensors provide a sixth sense, when connected without wires the sky is the limit. Talkpool is a key partner in the development of the technology to make wireless sensors and has made it possible for our air quality sensors to be part of the Internet of Things revolution.

Fredrik Hallgren project manager at IVL

TalkPool is one of the key actors in LoV-IoT, a smart city project in Sweden. LoV-IoT has the vision of generating better public health by helping cities’ air and water monitoring programs and TalkPool provides knowledge and solutions for IoT in the project. They provide both connectivity through building a LoRa network but also sensors for water monitoring and knowledge regarding IoT platforms for handling data, making it a valuable partner on the road to developing smart cities.


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