Talkpool CEO comments annual report

In 2018 Talkpool celebrated 18 years in the communications market and 2 years in the stock market.
The listing on Nasdaq First North in May 2016 gave Talkpool the boost it needed to enter a new ambitious growth path. We entered 2018 as a much larger corporation than in 2016, with three acquired entities in the Netherlands, Belgium and Pakistan fully consolidated and well integrated in the Group. Throughout 2018 the organic growth continued at a good pace with a view to achieving the targets in 2021. All employees of the worldwide Talkpool- family do their utmost every day to reach those targets and I am proud of their loyalty and willingness to walk the extra mile for the company. All the creativity and hard work they invested show in the growth and the operating results of the company 2018 and will continue to be the foundation for Talkpool’s future success.

Erik Strömstedt

Talkpool’s mission is to
service networks and
enable solutions that
allow people and things
to communicate efficiently

Company description

Talkpool’s vision is to be
the most respected
and succesful technology partner
in the telecom services
and IoT- industry